Mixing - Mastering - Production

Mixing & Mastering

shallow focus photography of audio mixer
shallow focus photography of audio mixer
black and white electric piano keyboard
black and white electric piano keyboard
man in black jacket playing piano
man in black jacket playing piano


Editing & Vocal Tuning


Take your recordings to the next level with custom made mixes and mastering from an experienced engineer.

Missing punch and tightness? We’ll comp takes, tune vocals, time and phase-align tracks, remove noise and other imperfections.

Got writer’s block? I can help with song structure and melodies, leads and vocals; and fine-tuning the arrangement so it gets to listener’s ears.



"Working with Bryan was absolutely amazing! he’s very creative and pays close attention to detail. I’m so happy that I’ve worked with him. My song sounded so good after the mix! I look forward working with him again!" - Carolina Mejias

"Bryan has been mixing and mastering my songs for two years now. His work ethic and attention to detail come through in every project. Bryan is a pro at providing high-quality mixes in a short amount of time, making quick work of any feedback he receives. Over the past two years, I’ve watched Bryan truly hone his craft and embrace his creativity. I look forward to continuing our work together for years to come!"- Cristal B.

"Bryan is an exeptional engineer! He is well versed in production, mixing and vocal coaching. He is very focused and driven in getting the best results possible. it was wonderful working with him. His work stands out among other great engineers, I definitley recommend working with him!" - REBECCA ROCKLYNN


Bryan Encalada a.k.a Naze, is an audio engineer and producer from Miami, Florida who specializes in mixing and mastering for pop and hip hop artist.

As a musician himself, his focus is to take the vision of artist's and translate it in the in the best possible way with experience, good taste and superior sound.